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  1. Do day lily seed pods have orange seeds inside? I have a rogue plant that resembles a day lily, but don’t know where it came from. I don’t even recall if it bloomed this year or not, but it had a lot of these big green seed pods. When I cut one open, the big seeds inside were orange & looked like corn kernels. Not sure what I have growing out there, so would appreciate your thoughts on this colorful seed pod.
    Thank you.

    • I have not seen orange seeds inside day lily pods – they start white and slowly brown as they dry until they are black. But some iris leaves are similar to day lily leaves and based on your description, I might suggest you have Iris foetidissima. They bloom in Spring, and the seeds stay orange even after the pod has dried. They are often added to fall decorations they are so pretty. Not being sure what zone you are in, they are hardy in zones 6-9. Hope this helps. Let me know if we need to keep looking it’s always fun to figure out the name of a mystery plant.

  2. Elderly lady not good at computers. How soon after bloom must I remove daylily seed pods? What do I do with multiple bloom branches that haven’t completed bloom? Thank you for your help!

    • You can use scissors to carefully cut the spent flower or seed pod off any time after bloom, if desired. Don’t try to break them off as you may break the tip off with remaining buds too. For lilies that will only produce blooms once in the season, I just leave them in place until all blooms have completed. Then shortly after, cut the stalks close to the base of the plant. Enjoy your lilies!

  3. Very helpful. I always was afraid I’d be deadheading the flower bud! 😂. Your description and photos made it so much clearer! Thank you!

    • Glad to have helped in your garden! You can apply this to most daylily varieties so enjoy them in many colors and use the same principle. Happy gardening!

  4. Thank you for this information and the helpful photos! This is exactly what I needed to know as a beginning gardener!

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